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Allergy Link and the author are providing the website and its contents on an “as is” basis and make no representation or warranties of any kind with respect to this website or its content. Allergy Link and the author disclaim all such representations and warranties, including but not limited to warranties of healthcare for a particular purpose. Allergy Link and the author assume no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any other inconsistencies herein.

The information provided on the website and its content is intended as information only. Neither Allergy Link nor the testing service presented are in any form or by any means intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any condition or disease. Furthermore intended as information only are the unique combination Food Intolerance & Substance Sensitivity Tests provided.

Allergy Link does not offer a medically approved testing service. AllergyLink is an independent Alternative Specialist working in conjunction with complimentary and alternative medicine practitioners, doctors and naturopaths. Alternative testing procedures as such are not subject of scientific research and therefore not ‘yet’ recognized by conventional medicine. We have no medical training, and the testing service and procedure is not medically validated or approved.

We make no medical claims as to the benefits of the testing we provide or any of the suggestions given to improve health conditions. We always recommend that you seek medical advice, particularly if you have an existing medical condition.

The term 'allergy’, as utilized by Allergy-Link, represents the generic term commonly used by the general public describing any form of an adverse reaction or negative reaction - a descriptive term generalizing an individuals experience. ‘I’m allergic to … ’ also stands for something a person can not tolerate or has a strong aversion that can causes a reaction. True to our name we aim to highlight any adverse reactions – a link that may point to allergies. However, the medical establishment has laid claim on the term ‘allergy’ - that it can only be used when medically validated - by an approved IgE test. We use the wording 'Adverse Reaction', 'Intolerance' and 'Substance Sensitivity' interchangeably also with allergy-like reaction, sensitivity or energy toxin. 

The 'testing service’ as carried out by Allergy Link adopts an alternative medicine approach, analysing ‘foods and substances’ that weaken the body’s energy system – foods and substances which are found to be potentially involved in causing unpleasant symptoms or reactions.

The tests we provide are not designed to diagnose or forecast reactions, nor will the test indicate that the individual will or may suffer any adverse or negative reaction to indicated foods or substances.

We are not responsible for any adverse effects or any results that may occur from the usage of the information contained on this website or within the testing service and test reports we provide. Allergy Link shall further not be held responsible for any claims made about this test by practitioners or clinics using our services.

Any information provided by Allergy Link is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. For the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition, we strongly recommend consultation with your doctor or health care professional, and that you do continue to take any prescribed medication.

People with probable allergy are urged to consult their GP (immediate reactions, hives, itchy rash or swelling). Any person suffering an immediate IgE mediated reaction to a specific food should consult a medical practitioner to discuss avoidance, testing for type 1 allergy (IgE mediated), risk assessment for anaphylaxis and emergency medication.


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