Allergy Link has specialised in Allergy & Intolerance Testing by post since 2004, offering unique combination testing.

To date more than 25,000 tests have been delivered throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.

The unique Testing Service is used by individuals suffering from allergies and intolerances and also by many professionals, practitioners and clinics around the world.

Allergy Link aims to deliver high quality service offering an alternative, pain-free and affordable allergy testing service by post, presenting a solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Allergy Link was founded to meet the growing needs and demands of people affected, experiencing intolerances, allergic reactions and related health problems. The rise in awareness that the foods we eat and the substances we are exposed to, actually do play a role in our overall health, lead to the rise in the demand for testing. Many clients have expressed their dissatisfaction that doctors dismiss the possible link to foods as cause or contributing factor of their symptoms.

Conventional allergy testing does not recognise intolerances, or any other allergy-like reactions such as sensitivities or energy toxins. The margins of a ‘true allergy’ are set tightly by the medical profession.

Allergy testing is not a standard procedure within the NHS and rather a grossly neglected ‘stepchild’. While alternative testing is being criticized as unreliable and non-validated, the NHS fails to deliver allergy testing for sufferers at large. Several of our clients have been released from hospital with severe allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock, without follow up testing. They’ve been telling us that they live in fear, often for their suffering child, and can’t understand why testing for their allergic reaction is not provided. In some cases referral to a specialist allergist clinic, which are mainly located in larger cities only, often means many months of waiting (with waiting lists of 6-10+ months as is usual with many specialist consultations).

But some medical doctors are becoming slowly educated, that there are other solutions, one of whom is Dr. Mehmet Oz who said: ‘’The next big frontier in Medicine is Energy Medicine’’. Which Chinese Medicine has established thousands of years ago.

Allergy Link adopts an ‘Vibrational or Energy Medicine’ approach to Allergies, recognizing that a person can be affected by any substance and in various ways. The specialism of the testing service is influenced by the pioneering work from NAET®- ‘Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques’ and Allergy Antidote™, Two cutting edge energy medicine techniques that not only detect ‘allergies’ and substance sensitivities, but offer treatment options.



Meet the Founder - Ute Eden

I have specialised in Allergy Testing since 2002 and set up Allergy Link in 2004.

My training includes NAET 'Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques' and ALLERGY ANTIDOTE, both to advanced level. I further trained as an EFT practitioner.

Born in Germany 1961, my prior background includes training as a Goldsmith (Akademie Hanau 1978-82) and Educational Nurse / childcare worker (Rendsburg 1988-91). I have worked in a convalence home for children from underprivileged families, with focus on health, outdoor education and nutrition.

A health crisis in the late 80’s lead me to investigate self-help and healing techniques, and I decided to train as a Radisthesia practitioner & teacher (Germany 1994-98). I have been a holistic health adviser & practitioner since 1997, when I decided to move to the UK/Wales, where I have been living and working since.

Digestive problems have plagued me since early childhood, and I only found out much later, that I was affected by allergies & food intolerances, especially to dairy. I wished someone would have 'known' or picked up on that and spared me the agony. My dedication to find causes and solutions was further spurred on by my husbands many adverse reactions and allergies. After a night long screeming of burning stomach pain from unknowingly consuming food with MSG, the journey of research began....

The health-food-link and any disturbances thereof became further clear through working with clients. The scope that substance sensitivities, allergies and intolerances can have on our health had to be investigated. Answers to unexplained symptoms, especially of the digestive system, were needed - finding the link to adverse reaction and allergies.

My passion is to help and enable people, especially children.





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